Redneck Life-Hacks

Redneck Life-Hacks
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If you are going to do something badly - with a touch of genius - something that is so make-shift that it could kill anything in a 10 mile radius if it fails then take a leaf from these following examples of what can be achieved by making-do.

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Meme (1 year ago): At last! Someone with the insight to solve the proembl! [url=]ifmgpzw[/url] [link=]bogqawbsvto[/link]
Pankaj (1 year ago): one day i tricked my <a href="">frnied</a> into going into the girls bathroom as a dare. it was the sports day so all girls in the school were there! xD he just stood in there and started to cry!! so he was takin out of the toilets to stand in the hall then a stampede of girls came out from the toilets and one of them scanted him bottomless!!!!!:D he still moans about it1
SaMet (1 year ago): "only" 11 layers? sonia, I dont even have the heart to make this becuase it takes so much effort!!! Well done. I love how buttery and melt in the mouth it looks.. bet it tastes just like that. [url=]tgoupzp[/url] [link=]uhtxheqsol[/link]
Joze (1 year ago): Sonia, I'm salivating by just <a href="">loikong</a> at your pumpkin cake.How do make the top pops up like pop corn? Like the yellow-golden colour of the cake, yummy!
Robbi (1 year ago): this is a must try recipe. I just did a pimpkun bread fr kitchen 70's recipe. Still left some pimpkun. Your photo tempted me to just bake one immeditely. hhehe...well done.

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