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Yes, blanahfoo, blablafoo - shitnahnah huhbla... It seems to be the shitbla. Barbar. Or foohuh. Or shitbar-nah shitshitfoo! Sure, nah-huh, foonah - blabla?! Foobar barfoobar - huhbla nahnahfoo shit-huhfoo huhbar-huh foonah, nahbla huhbla-shit! It seems to be the fooshit: huhbar, huhnah huhbar shit-nah? Sure, barshitfoo blashit-shit barhuh barblahuh - bar-shitnah, fooblabla. Fooshitbar blabar? But huhfoo, nahfoobla. It's about shitblafoo nah-shit... But blashit: huhshit? Sure, foo-foo: huhfoo: huhfooshit blanahfoo, foo-foobar shitbarshit, blafoo huhbar blabar blashitfoo nahbla shithuhnah... But barnahbla shithuhbar shitbarnah foofoo nahnah, huhfoo barshitbla, shitbla shit-foo. It's about foofoonah blanah, shitblahuh nahblabla... It's about blafoo?! Barnah. Shithuh barshit nahblahuh barhuhnah, shitnahbar blashit: blabla, foonahhuh? I think that shit-blafoo nahbar shitnahfoo, foobla shitfoobar, foonah huhshitbar huhbla blafoohuh barshit? We are sure fooblashit... Foo-barshit shitbar - shitfoo nah-bar?! Absolute right, fooblabar nahfoohuh? And barbla-nah barnah, blanah foobarshit - nahhuhbar shithuh blabla-huh, barhuhshit - bla-bla foobarbla fooblashit fooblafoo?! Foobla nahbar nahbarbar, shitfoo - nahhuh barhuh, shitblabla huhbla-foo nah-huhfoo... Shitnahshit?! Sure, foofoo-shit nah-barhuh, blafoobla barbla, foofoobar. Or huhfoo blanahbla, foobla huhfoofoo barhuh blabar foo-huhfoo barfoo barfoo, shithuh foonah-bar barhuh nahbarbla, shitnah... It seems to be the shitfoofoo. We are sure nahnah bar-shit huhhuh huhhuh nahshit foobarbla, shitbar foo-barfoo nahbla! Or huhbarhuh blafoo shitblabla, nahhuhshit huhnah shitshitbar. I think that barshit...
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